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An internet presence is no longer just a potential option, but rather a necessity for every business. It provides round the clock information about your products, locations and contact information for potential customers and thereby represents your business. G&S IT Solutions is your partner in the planning, implementation and support of your website.

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As your website represents your business to a large group of potential customers, it is particularly important that both the design and the structure of your website are tailored to your particular company. Visitors have to be convinced of your expertise and your products and services within a few seconds. In addition to the widespread care we provide by default with our hosting, we also offer update services.


For the technical implementation, we are use the latest web technologies at any time to give you the greatest possible advantage over your competitors. Which technologies and frameworks will be used, depend on the customer and the particular requirements.

We develop websites that fit any screen size

The in recent years rapidly growing share of users accessing the internet from their mobile phones has made mobile optimization (responsive web design) become indispensable. By using the latest technologies and up to date best practices we will optimize your website for mobile phones upon request, so that it will be automatically displayed optimally on all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC / Laptop). A costly separate development of the mobile website is no longer required.

Check now, whether your website is optimized for mobile devices using the Google Developers Test:

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Content Management System

Trouble-free management of your own website. Without any programming knowledge

A content management system (CMS) is used to create and organize content. After the setup and customization by G & S IT Solutions no programming skills are required for operation. Instead, you can edit and customize content quickly and easily yourself. The content managemtent sytem can be accessed at any time and from anywhere via the internet. Thus, your website can be kept up to date with information on the latest events or offers. Through multiple user accounts and permission management, there is also the possibility of managing the content of your website with multiple people. Different users can thereby be granted individual access permissions. Additional functions such as contact forms, newsletter systems, download areas and many other functions are also part of current content management systems.


Through a web content management system you can achieve numerous benefits:

You can always easily customize and extend the content of your website. This not only promotes the relevance, but also saves costs on external programmers. Using an open source system also eliminates possible license costs (only costs for the one-time setup and adjustment of the system apply). Updates of the system are included in the hosting if the update service has been requested.

  • Easy to customize
  • Cost-effective
  • Always up to date

Contao offers a wide range of features, covering all requirements described above and the ability to create extensions or even selecting existing ones from an extension pool. The individuality of your website is thus not limited in any way and even the most unusual ideas can be implemented.

For more information about Contao please visit www.contao.org.

Hosting including update service

Always up-to-date

To ensure that your website is not only being kept up to date in respect to its layout, the CMS should also be updated regularly. G&S IT Solutions does these updates for you. Stay always up-to-date and take advantage of our hosting incl. the update service. For safety reasons, the available updates should always be installed at the earliest. If your website is currently running on an outdated Contao version, we strongly recommend that you get the software up to date as soon as possible. We host your website and make sure that the Contao LTS (Long Term Support) version is always up to date. The Long Term Support version is a Contao version with extended support period. It is approximately three times longer supported with updates and improvements compared to normal Contao versions. The newly released 1-2 updates per month are imported directly from us. Your content management system (CMS) thus remains always up to date and is therfore protected against security threats.

  • 1-2 updates per month
  • State-of-the-art web technologies
  • Frequent security updates

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