G&S SatConnect

The reliable way to connect your Network Management System with all of your OSS/BSS, as well as to integrate and automate customized processes, improving your agility and enabling growth.

Connecting the NMS with your existing business software solutions will boost your productivity and enable you to focus on what matters. Implementing new features for your employees, customers and vendors will help to keep your business workflows integrated and automated at all times. With G&S SatConnect, achieving this has never been easier!

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Utilize the power of APIs

Through their extensive experience with the Web services API, the G&S engineers are able to connect all operation and business support systems (OSS/BSS) with the NMS.

  • Integrating your OSS/BSS
    In many cases, a business application can directly be connected to the REST API (direct integration) or communicate via G&S SatConnect, which serves as a gateway (custom integration). By using the G&S SatConnect platform as a gateway, other protocols, such as JSON, XML, SOAP, SNMP and CSV can be used seamlessly.
  • Feature implementation
    G&S SatConnect offers a modern, state of the art user interface, enabling custom feature implementations for your NOC operators. The resulting customized applications, which support and improve internal workflows, send and receive data from G&S SatConnect, which in turn processes the data, so that they are compatible with the iDirect Pulse® REST API.
  • Customer and vendor portals
    Usage of G&S SatConnect is not limited to NOCs, it can also provide portals for customers and vendors. To protect the strong system security, the platform will be connected with the External Access Portal (EAP) of iDirect Pulse®. That way you can create custom interfaces for your partners while simplifying external business workflows by automation.
  • Unified authentication
    By providing different authentication interfaces, you will be able to connect to existing user databases. Either use the accounts of the NMS (iDirect Pulse®) or connect G&S SatConnect via LDAP with your authentication servers. Additionally, you can of course use an internal user database, which may be useful for a customer or vendor portal, for example.

Modular architecture
The modular architecture of the G&S SatConnect Platform enables the central deployment of independent features. New modules can be added and previously deployed modules can be extended any time.

Deploy whichever way suits you best

In order to seamlessly fit into your IT environment, there are several ways to deploy G&S SatConnect:

  • VM deployment
  • Bare metal deployment
  • Cloud deployment
  • Docker deployment

Example Use Cases

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your use case may be, or whatever workflow you wish to represent, G&S SatConnect is able to provide a solution. Simple tools can add significant value, save time and streamline your operations.

Vendor feature: Terminal Provisioning Tool

In certain operating modes terminals might be created by a Virtual Network Operator (VNO). However, providing direct access to the NMS can expose an unwanted level of visibility which is not suitable. An external portal has been developed using G&S SatConnect, allowing these operations to be fully executed by the vendor. It provides a tailored and secure workflow for each VNO to create their terminals without direct access to the NMS. Custom business logic can be implemented to account for the individual requirements. This reduces the effort in the NOC and the provisioning process can be accelerated tremendously. To maintain a high security level, services which are designed to be available outside of the NOC will be connected to the designated iDirect Pulse® External Access Portal (EAP). ).

Custom feature for NOC operators: Terminal Cloning Tool

Creating new terminals can be very time-consuming, although they share many similarities. To tackle this issue, a Terminal Cloning Tool based on the G&S SatConnect Platform has been developed, with which you can create hundreds of terminals in just one click – all you will need is a reference terminal and a CSV file containing divergent attributes. The tool will incorporate the complete object structure below the terminal (deep cloning).

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As an officially certified Developer Partner,

G&S IT Solutions provides custom, high quality extensions to the already existing capabilities of VT iDirect® VSAT networks. This, for instance, includes the iDirect Velocity™ product line  as well as the iDirect Pulse® Network Management Software.

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