Individual programming

Perfectly tailored software for your business - we will develop your vision from planning to deployment.

Individual programming

Are you looking for a custom software solution, which does not exist on the market? You want to present your products or services in a particular application? G&S IT Solutions takes the development of the software entirely from the planning to the commissioning.

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We develop your ideas

G&S IT Solutions has primarily been using web technologies to successfully implement diverse projects. We cover the entire spectrum required, from the database system in the backend, through to modern front-end technologies. We are working every day with a variety of technologies and continuously observe changes in the industry. New technologies are being evaluated using detailed tests in terms of reliability, the necessary evnironment and compatibility. We also offer this know-how to our customers. In addition to the typical full-scale project management (planning, implementation, supervision) also an advisory or supportive involvement in your existing team is possible.


Why Web Technologies?

Web development has been one of the fastest growing areas within the general field of software development in recent years. The constant availability of the software on all devices and all locations without client-side installation suits the customers. Constantly emerging frameworks and countless blogs introduce continuously new development approaches. In addition, the development community is growing daily.

This is reason enough to consider a web-based approach for the development of new software in your company! However, the selection of technologies and frameworks is difficult and requires detailed knowledge and many years of experience in this field.

Know-how / technologies

We develop and work daily with the following languages, applications, tools and technologies. We are happy to also support you or your development team in questions relating to hardware and software architecture, frameworks, scalability and performance. We also offer support for your project's success by introducing agile software development methods or advise you in selecting appropriate development environments, and version control systems.

G&S IT Solutions has been a valued partner of iDirect for several years. They provide excellent engineers, solutions appropriate to the challenges we have and have delivered several difficult projects on time and under budget.

Guy Adams, Vice President – Pulse Product Development
VT iDirect, Inc.


For an even closer cooperation, we also provide staff for the entire project period (full or part time). Our employees would be working together with your team on the project and ensure to meet the delivery date and quality. The following positions are currently available:


  • Project management
  • Software development
  •  Graphic design

Would you like more details on individual software or outsourcing solutions?
Please get in touch with us so that we can work with you on the perfect solution for your inquiry.

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