The central software platform for your business. With this browser-based system, we will grant you access to a collection of customizable modules.

ERP software (enterprise resource planning), the central software within a business. With our web- and browser bases software we offer you a solution with already existing modules, which will be customized indivudually according to our business processes.

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Web and browser-based

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the ERP software from G&S IT Solutions is fully browser-based. Access to it is being provided via the local network or via the internet (Software as a Service). This type of software only requires a web browser to be installed on the users client. No additional software installation is necessary.

The software updates are only being applied on the servers and the software is automatically up to date on all clients immediately.

By using the latest web technologies, the user interaction in web-based sofware is comparable and in parts even better than in traditional software.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The ERP software of the G&S IT Solutions is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS refers to the provision of software over the Internet. The customer only needs a computer with an active internet connection and web browser. The IT infrastructure in which the software runs is managed by the provider.

The customer buys the software as a service from the provider and pays a monthly fee, which usually depends on the number of users. Through this model, the setup of the software can be done quickly and inexpensively as the investment in the IT infrastructure and their equipment can be kept low.


It should be avoided to work in different areas and departments of the company with isolated applications. In order to enable an optimal exchange of information, all business processes must be displayed in a centralized software system (ERP system).

Depending on the company's size and industry an ERP system should be covering the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Materials Management
  • Production
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Finance and accounting

It is important that the software in use reflects the company-specific business processes as well as possible. This is requires parameterization and customization of the software.

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For the ERP software numerous modules are available, which are described in more detail below. In order to map the business processes of your company optimally, we adapt the modules to meet your needs or implement new features in close dialogue with you.

  • Desktop
  • User administration
  • Human Resources (HRM)
  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Order Management
  • Accounting (Accounting)
  • Statistics
  • Cron module (Task Scheduler)


The desktop is the home page of the software. In which each user can create individual widgets. Thus, every employee of your company has all the important information for him immediately in  an overview.

User administration

Each user can be assigned individual permissions. The additional user group management allows permissions to be set for multiple users at the same time.

Human Resources (HRM)

In human resources, all employees are managed. The optional connection to a time tracking system allows a precise payroll based on exact time logs.

Customer Management (CRM)

In the customer management all customer data can be managed and accessed. Through interfaces such as order management and accounting the customer can be viewed directly.

Order Management

The order management provides complete information about current and completed jobs. For each order any information and documents can be stored. If an order is completed the module forwards the order with all necessary information on to accounting.

Accounting (Accounting)

In accounting, the payment statuses of all invoices are monitored. Through a bank import payments are allocated automatically and without effort. In case of delayed payment the customer payment reminders can be generated.


The statistics module offers a range of automatic reports and allows you to create custom reports as well. In conjunction with the cron module the statistics can be executed automatically on a regular basis.

Cron module (Task Scheduler)

All functions of the system can be run automatically on a regular basis with the cron module. For example, every night, or other intervals, an import can be started retrieving external data.


The parameterization and customization of the ERP software is one of the most important steps in the introduction of a new system. An ERP system can support the company only optimally if it is adapted directly to the company-specific business processes and workflows.

For us it is therefore self-evident to adapt the software in close collaboration with our customers. Since our employees deal with the business processes of our customers in depth and simultaneously develop the software, which then accompanies the business process every day, we are able to optimize and automate many processes.

Individual programming

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