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By entering the online market the traders can counteract to the shrinking sales in retail stores. We advise you on your projects and take over the technical implementation and integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

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What is important?

  • Presentation
    In e-commerce, it depends on a good presentation of the shop and the products. The shop should make the customer feel safe and embrace trust. A certification (eg Trusted Shops) can also contribute to this. For the product presentations detailed information and high-quality image should be used to stand out from the competition. Also individual landing pages or product suggestions are making the difference compared to the "basic solutions".
  • Shipping times
    In the fast paced world of today, short delivery times are essential. Customers often do not purely base their purchasing decisions on the price but the availability and delivery time. The advertised shipping times should always be respected - bad reviews are spreading on the Internet like wildfire.
  • Service & Advice
    Even as an online retailer the customer service should play an important role. Aside from the price, this is the most important feature an online merchant to gain an advantage over competitors. Many can send products - to provide the expected service makes the difference.
  • Reach
    In order to increase the range and being found it is important to list your product offers at various price comparison portals. Some of these are free while others are charging a small amount per click. More on this topic can be found on our portal price index.

In addition, well targeted advertising can highlight certain products and acquire new customers. This can be both online (eg. Google AdWords), carried out as flyers or supplements.

Product portals

Most new customers are acquired via a search engine / price comparison. The following table shows the known portals and providers with links to their pricing. All of our e-commerce systems provide automated listings with these portals if requested.

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Payment Options

As an online retailer customers can be offered various payment options, which differ in costs as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The following list shows the most common payment methods, which are listed with the resulting costs for the retailer.


The best-known online store certification in German speaking countries is Trusted Shops. Numerous online stores, which have been implemented by G&S IT Solutions have already been successfully certified. The exact requirements can be found in the certification guideline:

Trusted Shops

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