G&S SatConnect

Delivering reliable world class performance and connectivity at the right time and place is the key to success in the fast growing satellite communication market.
Achieving this requires a full integration of your VSAT Network Management System (NMS) with the existing operation/business support systems (OSS/BSS) and other platforms within your infrastructure.

G&S IT Solutions has designed the G&S SatConnect Platform which seamlessly connects with NMS solutions such as iDirect Pulse®, iDirect iVantage™ and iDirect SatManage®. G&S SatConnect abstracts the atomic APIs for common business use cases and easily connects your NMS with the rest of your OSS/BSS while supporting your differentiators, improving your agility and enabling growth.

In addition to operating as a gateway, G&S SatConnect can directly expose new features to your NOC operators, customers and vendors. Due to the modular structure of G&S SatConnect, extensions can be easily deployed at any time.To provide the flexibility that the market demands, G&S IT Solutions customizes each product to match your business model, improving operations performance while keeping market differentiators.

G&S IT Solutions has been collaborating with VT iDirect for several years on core products, including iDirect Pulse® (Stats, Alarms/Events, Configuration and the WebService API), iDirect iVantage™, iDirect SatManage® and Terminal Software (Web User Interface + WebService API) of the iDirect Evolution® and Velocity™ platforms.

Since VT iDirect launched its Developer Partner Program, G&S IT Solutions has been and currently is the only certified Developer Partner. Our expertise combined with the partnership ensures the delivery of successful solutions for your business, as well as support quality, breaking down boundaries and exceeding expectations.

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G&S SatConnect

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